With a debut three song EP released August 1 recorded when he was just  15 years old and several live performances under his belt, recently turned 16 year old Ethan Lake hopes through his music to introduce blues music more widely to his generation.  As referenced in an August 2018 American Blues Scene feature story, Ethan is creating a fresh take on old blues by adding his exceptional guitar improvisation and vocal stylings to traditional blues standards.  His talent has captured the attention of many leading Baltimore area blues artists including Ursula Ricks, Hall Williams Band, and Rachel Ann Morgan among others who have helped him develop his stage performance and bring him to a wider audience. 

Ethan’s passion for blues took shape at the age of 12, shortly after he received a Squire Stratocaster for his birthday. Weeks later after just a few lessons he started improvising guitar solos to 'Wild Thing' during his music school's student jam session. He joined his first music school band just a year later at age 13, and has since developed himself into a local crowd favorite with his melodic and creative guitar improvisation on classic songs such as 'Thrill is Gone', 'Bright Lights', and 'Stormy Monday' among many others.

Currently Ethan can be found pursuing his dream of becoming a professional music artist by honing his talent at several local blues jams and open mics in Baltimore and will soon begin pursuing opportunities to play at blues jams in the wider Mid-Atlantic region.